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The worlds best skylines

Beauty, as we all learned from watching the Twilight Zone, is a very subjective thing. And while there aren’t any cities in the world that people think are beautiful even though they really look like disfigured space aliens, our ideas about what makes a pretty skyline are, well, pretty subjective. But while beauty may be subjective, one thing is for certain: impressive, eye-catching, testament-to-human-engineering skylines are not exclusive to the USA. Which is why we decided to nod approvingly at pictures of the 20 most recognizable skylines around the world, and then rank them based on their overall aesthetics.

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20. Shenzhen, China

The thing about China is, they’ve got a lot of people. As in, they’ve got cities with 10 million residents that many of us haven’t even heard of. Like Shenzhen, a once sleepy riverside town turned major economic player that today boasts millions of occupants and 23 buildings over 650ft-tall.

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